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7 things you can expect at safari weddings

Wedding is one of the best occasions of your life. People always try to make it special. If you are adventurous, then you can try something like a safari wedding. It’s something not many people do and it can become a lasting memory for you. There are many game reserves in South Africa where you can have your safari wedding. Here are some things you should know about safari destinations.

  • There are many tour operators and hotels that offer outstanding wedding packages. The packages are customized according to the needs of the people. The package includes everything from food, legal services, decoration, wedding photographer and videographer, etc.if you want then tribal dancers can be arranged as well.
  • The wedding will be set in the midst of nature surrounded by wilderness. You can have a wonderful wedding ceremony with a backdrop of the beautiful landscape.
  • There are legal issues involved with the wedding. The laws vary from one country to another. The wedding package providers are aware of these laws and can arrange everything without any hassle. You will not need to do too many paper works. You will need special wedding license which can be arranged as well.
  • You can have a more private wedding if you choose to have safari wedding. You can be away from the busy life and crowd. You can only invite your family and close friends.
  • Your cost of the wedding will be low compared to what you had to spend if you had a traditional wedding. There will be less number of guests, so your cost will be reduced.
  • You can have a holiday at the same time. After the ceremony, you can go on a safari ride with your spouse and enjoy the wilderness from open roof vehicles. You can walk on the bushes and explore the jungles closely.
  • You can have your honeymoon here as well right after the wedding ceremony. There are accommodations of all ranges available. You should choose something that will make your day special and at the same time matches with your budget.

Safari wedding is becoming very popular now. This is s a unique concept. It gives you a chance to do something special on your big day. Your guests will also have a off-peak. You can take lovely photographs with nature and wild animals. It will give you a chance to know each other well by staying in a secluded and romantic place.

5 tips for packing while going on a safari

Going to a safari is a dream for many people. It’s a completely different experience than anything you have experienced before. Like any other holiday, a safari holiday needs careful packing. Here are some tips for packing.


You should pack neutral colored clothes. Your clothes must be light. Depending on the weather you can take layers of clothes to wear. Khaki pants and tan colored t-shirts are great choices. This can make you feel comfortable under the sun. It can also keep you warm when it is a bit cold during early morning or late evening.


You may need to walk in the middle of dense bushes when you are on safari. So, it’s best to wear boots. You may find a snake on your way and may get bitten if you wear flip flops. Boots can also protect your feet from poisonous plants.

Bug spray

You will find bugs in safari. In the evening you will find the area full of bugs. The best way to get rid of those is by using bug spray. You can also bring an ‘after bite’ medicine to protect your skin in case of bug bites.


Safari is a very enjoyable experience. You will remember it throughout your life. You must take your camera with you and take shots of those wild animals. It is better to take DSLR cameras with you when you are going on a safari.


It is not always possible to be in close contact with the wild animals. Sometimes you will be able to see them from a long distance. If you have binoculars, you will be able to have a good look at these animals.

You must carry all these items with you on a safari holiday. Make sure your baggage is light and you can move about conveniently with it.

Infographic by: ajwalton.com

Top 3 safari parks in South Africa

There are many safari destinations in South Africa. However, some are better than the others. If you are thinking of going to safari holiday in South Africa then you should go to one of the best ones. Here are the best safari parks in South Africa.

Mala Mala Game Reserve

It is situated near the Kruger National Park. It is a private game reserve. You can get to view wildlife up close. You will get sightings of the Big Five. You can travel in open vehicles. You will definitely spot a leopard. You will get lots of space and time to enjoy the wilderness. It’s not very crowded. You will find cheap accommodation here.

Phinda Game Reserve

It is a great game reserve in the Sabi Sands. This area is fully fenced. You will be able to spot the Big Five easily. You will be able to view cheetah and big cat. You can go on night drives and walks. Luxury accommodation is available. The lodges are scattered, so you will be able to view different habitats from different lodges.

Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

This reserve has 50km of unfenced border close to the Kruger National Park. You will have one of the best wildlife viewings from here. You will have a great Big Five experience. There are luxury accommodation and nice food. There are experienced guides available who can show you around. The place has thick vegetation. It is a good habitat for wildlife like leopards.

If you decide to go to South Africa for safari, you should visit one of these places. You will be able to enjoy the best of safari in these places with experienced guides.

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4 tips for a great safari on low budget

Safaris are known to be very expensive. But if you travel like the locals, then you will be able to have a good holiday at a very affordable budget. Here are some tips on how to go on a safari on low budget.

Explore the national parks

There are about 20 national parks in South Africa. The accommodation and food are cheaper there. The most affordable package will be at the Kruger national park. If you can self-drive then you willl be able to save a lot of money. There are campsites, huts, guesthouses and other forms of accommodation that are affordable. Low priced restaurants are available as well.

Choose safari close to big airport

If you take internal flights to airports near your remote destination, then it can be expensive. Instead, you should choose a safari that is close to one of the major airports. There are many low-cost airlines that land in the major airports. You can hire a car from there and go on safari.

Walk in the morning

You can take walking safaris every morning. You will be able to encounter cheetah, wild dog, porcupine, and other wild animals during the walk. The experience will be memorable and won’t cost you much.

Travel during off peak season

During off peak season, the accommodation is very cheap. In South Africa, dry winter which is from May to September is known as a low season. However, it is the best time for game viewing. You can travel during this time.

These tips will help you to enjoy a great safari in South Africa. You will be able to manage everything at a very affordable cost and yet get to have a memorable holiday.