Going to a safari is a dream for many people. It’s a completely different experience than anything you have experienced before. Like any other holiday, a safari holiday needs careful packing. Here are some tips for packing.


You should pack neutral colored clothes. Your clothes must be light. Depending on the weather you can take layers of clothes to wear. Khaki pants and tan colored t-shirts are great choices. This can make you feel comfortable under the sun. It can also keep you warm when it is a bit cold during early morning or late evening.


You may need to walk in the middle of dense bushes when you are on safari. So, it’s best to wear boots. You may find a snake on your way and may get bitten if you wear flip flops. Boots can also protect your feet from poisonous plants.

Bug spray

You will find bugs in safari. In the evening you will find the area full of bugs. The best way to get rid of those is by using bug spray. You can also bring an ‘after bite’ medicine to protect your skin in case of bug bites.


Safari is a very enjoyable experience. You will remember it throughout your life. You must take your camera with you and take shots of those wild animals. It is better to take DSLR cameras with you when you are going on a safari.


It is not always possible to be in close contact with the wild animals. Sometimes you will be able to see them from a long distance. If you have binoculars, you will be able to have a good look at these animals.

You must carry all these items with you on a safari holiday. Make sure your baggage is light and you can move about conveniently with it.

Infographic by: ajwalton.com

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